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This is a USB3.0 Active Cable with a 5 m cable at the input side and a USB3.0 A type female port at the output side.

Our Price £15.00

The LS80 Laptop/Controller Stand is suitable for holding both a laptop and controller above a mixer.

Our Price £49.95

The WS1 is a fully adjustable combination stand for holding your CDJs, Mixer and a laptop.

Our Price £169.95

The SB2 Bracket is mounted on a vertical pole and is height adjustable to suit your requirements.

Our Price £44.95

The Traktor Scratch Pro Control Vinyl MK2 is available in black.

Our Price £15.00

The Traktor Kontrol Bag offers maximum protection and a stylish look

RRP £33.00
Our Price £29.00

Fully adjustable monitor or equipment stand

Our Price £34.95

Fully adjustable universal twin CD stand

Our Price £99.95

Professional and universal laptop or accessory tray

Our Price £34.95

Shelf support kit for external equipment.

Our Price £29.95

Adam Hall Hook and Loop Cable Velcro Tie 20 cm sold as a pack of 10.

Our Price £5.00

A universal tablet holder designed to clamp onto any kind of stand. The integral mechanisms in the clamp allow for easy installation with no tools required.

Our Price £15.00

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